The Best Seven Pieces of Writing Advice Ever

What are your favorite pieces of writing advice?  These are mine: 

1. Don’t write what you know; write what you care about.
2. Don’t trust Amazon reviews…too many of the best ones are from friends and family wanting to help a writer; too many of the bad reviews are from enemies wanting to hurt a writer.
3. Don’t trust Kirkus reviews…for around $400-$500 any writer can pay for a “good review” from Kirkus even if their book is awful.
4. Please don’t encourage every single writer to “never give up.” If a writer is simply not a good writer and isn’t getting measurably better, or demonstrates no talent whatsoever, you aren’t doing him or her any favors by encouraging them to continue to write. Not all people who want to create art are meant to be artists no matter how hard they try.
5. It’s important to know the difference between paying a company to print your book, vs. getting paid to by a publisher to publish your book. The “printing model” is completely different than the “publishing model.”
6. If you love writing, but aren’t into editing, re-writing, recieving critiques, striving to become ever more educated and informed about writing, putting in the time and effort required to find an editor/publisher/agent, and cannot deal with a big pile of rejections without throwing in the towel, you aren’t a writer, you’re a hobbyist.
7. It’s okay to be a hobbyist, not a writer. It’s okay to want to write, but not be great at it. If you love to write, write.


About Peggy A. Wheeler

I am a writer of "fantastical fiction" and published under the names Peggy Wheeler and Peggy Dembicer. My non-fiction articles have appeared in COLORADO SERENITY, MOUNTAIN CONNECTION, and most LLEWELLYN’S 2012 MAGICAL ALMANAC. My poetry appears in a number of small press magazines and women’s anthologies. My novel, THE RAVEN'S DAUGHTER was published in 2016 by Dragon Moon Press. My B.A. in English Literature is from U.C.L.A., my M.A. in English with a Creative Writing emphasis is from California State University at Northridge. While attending U.C.L.A., I was one of only twelve students (and the only undergraduate) chosen to study with Robert Pinsky, former Poet Laureate of the United States. I won first prize awards for two of my poems from an Evergreen Women’s Press nationwide poetry contest. My poetry received honorable mentions from the judges of a Los Angeles Poetry Festival and The Academy of American Poets. My poem Du Fu was nominated for a Rhysling award for Best Science Fiction Poem. THE RAVEN'S DAUGHTER was a finalist in the CCC Great Novel Contest. I’ve led adult fiction and poetry workshops, and taught poetry as a guest lecturer.
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3 Responses to The Best Seven Pieces of Writing Advice Ever

  1. jo an says:

    Sooo proud of you…honored to know you..

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